About RAD Women

RAD Women currently offers a 10-week, Admin to Apex beginning course. By the end of this course, learners will:

  • Be comfortable within the Salesforce Developer Console environment
  • Understand and have participated in one or more community-based forums to support work on the Force.com platform
  • Have successfully architected and implemented a real world Force.com solution that involves the following programmatic tools:
    • Apex classes & triggers
    • DML and SOQL
  • Have an introduction to test coverage.
  • Have presented code to their group of learners.

Meet the Team

RAD is run by women passionate about increasing the ratio of women in technical roles.


Melissa Hansen

Stand for Children

Salesforce MVP

Curriculum Lead

Melissa is a developer specializing in the Force.com platform and related technologies.  Currently the Senior Developer at Stand for Children, she is the technical lead on a small but mighty team building innovative and effective solutions for a cutting-edge nonprofit.

She has been working in nonprofit technology for over 10 years, and loving the Force.com platform for the last 7.  Melissa co-leads the Portland Salesforce Developer User Group and in her spare time explores the city looking for good books, beers, wines, foods and good times.


Angela Mahoney


Salesforce MVP

Steering Group Lead, Coach Lead

Angela is a cat-herder who loves all things Salesforce. In her role as a Project Manager, she gets to touch on many parts of the platform, and has always been passionate about helping others learn about opportunities to grow in our eco-system.

Angela has been on the platform for over 12 years, co-founded both the Portland Developer Group and Portland WIT group, Forcelandia and RAD, and is a 4x Salesforce MVP. As the mother of two daughters, she is interested in opening horizons for the next generation.

Kieren Jameson

Kieren Jameson



Advisory Committee Lead, Learner Lead

Kieren Jameson is a writer and editor for Trailhead—the fun and free way to learn Salesforce.

She has worked in technology for over 20 years and until getting her dream job at Salesforce she was the day-to-day technology manager at ETR, a health & education Non-Profit. She has been a front- and back-end web developer and project manager for over 15 years.

She is passionate about Salesforce development and helping women and other developer minorities learn to code.