Our Mission

The primary goal of Radical Apex Developers (RAD) Women is to provide a supportive and collaborative environment for advanced women Salesforce admins to build upon their existing click-based administration skills and learn to program on the Force.com platform.

Our Accomplishments

To date, over 450 learners have graduated from our courses, and have been able to advance their developer careers, including a few that have been welcomed back as coaches! To date, these incredible coaches have donated more than 4000 volunteer hours towards closing the gender gap for developers!

Intro to Coding (Part I & II)

Are you a woman who is an experienced Salesforce admin wanting to learn to code? We got you! Check out our free 10-week coding classes. We hold both classes twice a year.

Calling all Developers!

Are you a Salesforce coder who wants to give back? We would love you to help co-mentor our Intro to Coding (part 1) course.

You provide a lot of support and you will teach with an experienced coach. It's a ton of fun and your learners will love you for it!