About RAD Women

RAD Women currently offers free, 10-week Admin to Apex courses.

Intro to Coding (Part I)

By the end of this course, learners will:

  • Be comfortable within the Salesforce Developer Console environment
  • Understand and have participated in one or more community-based forums to support work on the Force.com platform
  • Have successfully architected and implemented a real world Force.com solution that involves the following programmatic tools:
    • Apex classes & triggers
    • DML and SOQL
  • Have an introduction to test coverage.
  • Have presented code to their group of learners.

Intro to Coding (Part II)

By the end of the course, you'll be able to:

  • Build bulkified, efficient trigger + trigger-handler classes from scratch.
  • Write optimized, complex SOQL and DML statements.
  • Write unit tests that meet code-coverage requirements, as well as positive and negative outcomes for your code.
  • Describe the basics of Model-View-Controller and Component-based front-end frameworks.
  • Describe how Lightning Development fits within the Salesforce platform and how it differs from the Lightning Experience UI.

As of May 2019, RAD Women is a nonprofit organization.



Meet the Leadership Team

RAD is run by women passionate about increasing the ratio of women in technical roles.


Melissa Hansen

HiFi Consulting Group

Salesforce MVP

Founding Coach and VP of Curriculum Innovation

Melissa is a developer specializing in the Force.com platform and related technologies.  Currently the Co-Founder & Principal Architect at HiFi Consulting Group, they specialize in helping organizations get the most out of Salesforce with custom applications and innovative solutions tailored to the organization's needs and in-house skill sets.

She has over 10 years of expertise in nonprofit technology and loving the Force.com platform for the last 7.  Melissa co-leads the Portland Salesforce Developer User Group and in her spare time explores the city looking for good books, beers, wines, foods, and good times.


Angela Mahoney

Salesforce MVP

RAD Co-Founder & Executive Director

Angela is a cat-herder who loves all things Salesforce. In her role as a Project Manager, she gets to touch on many parts of the platform, and has always been passionate about helping others learn about opportunities to grow in our eco-system.

Angela has been on the platform for over 12 years, co-founded both the Portland Developer Group and Portland WIT group, Forcelandia and RAD, and is a 4x Salesforce MVP. As the mother of two daughters, she is interested in opening horizons for the next generation.


Kieren Jameson



RAD Co-Founder & Learner Lead

Kieren is a writer and Director, Trailhead Content Engineering for Salesforce.

She has worked in technology for over 20 years and until getting her dream job at Salesforce she was the day-to-day technology manager at ETR, a health & education Non-Profit. She has been a front- and back-end web developer and project manager for over 15 years.

She is passionate about Salesforce development and helping women and other developer minorities learn to code.


Blanca Leon-Carter


Salesforce MVP

VP of Community Engagement

Blanca is a Salesforce DevOps Architect at Slalom- Global. She is a nonprofit & technology enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in managing operations and information systems. Blanca co-leads the Trailblazer Community, Chicago, IL Architect Group, producer of DEVel-UP, a RAD Women Podcast, and co-founder of the Women in DevOps Book Club.

As a former RAD Graduate she felt the need to immediately give back to the community. She has led study groups as a volunteer for Ladies Be Architects, with a strong focus in development for the Salesforce platform and preparing for the Platform Developer 1 certification. Blanca was awarded a Golden Hoodie by Salesforce during the Architect keynote at Dreamforce '22. In her spare time enjoys fun with her family & friends, yoga, and nature walks.

Meet Our Lead Program Volunteers


Allison Park


Former Salesforce MVP

Program Manager Workforce Development

Allison is a Principal Enterprise Architect at Salesforce. This role is truly her dream job and feels she owes a huge debt of gratitude to RAD Women. As a former AS/400 developer, RAD Women helped Allison update her skills and blossom in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

Allison has been in IT for 20 + years and is excited to channel her experience into growing future leaders on the Salesforce Platform. She is the former co-leader of Chicago WIT group. You can find Allison enjoying yoga, micro-breweries and Salesforce (preferably all three at the same time) on any given weekend.


Shakeria Walker

Wolters Kluwer

Trailhead Ranger

Volunteer Coordinator

Shakeria is a Salesforce Business Analyst at Wolters Kluwer. She discovered her desire to give back at a young age.  She enjoys being outside and connecting with others.  She and her daughter discovered Samson the miniature donkey and his bonus siblings (the 5 goats) in a local community garden where they volunteer to help the hungry and homeless.

Her introduction to Salesforce in 2005 was the perfect alignment between her desire to be a continual learner and being able to give back to the community.  Shakeria co-leads the AUC Student Group and is a RAD Graduate who is committed to fostering the STEM spark in her young daughter.  When she is not working or entangled with Salesforce you can find her in the company of her family, friends and pooches or ticking off an item on her bucket list.