Get involved - become a RAD Coach!

Are you a programmer who would like to help other women learn to code? We need you!

As part of the program, we rely on fabulous RAD Women Coaches who volunteer their time (over 7,500 total hours so far!) to mentor these amazing and courageous learners using the proven curriculum we have developed. You will be assigned to a small group with another coach - we try to match up one experienced developer with more junior coder (and also any new coaches with someone who has coached the course before). Male allies are welcome!

You will be given an orientation to the curriculum and work closely with our Coach and Curriculum leads for whatever support you need to be successful.

As a coach, you will:

  • Set up of all meetings for the group (we provide webinar tool).
  • Instruct/coach around course topics.
  • Assess homework assignments to help integrate learning, including a final real-world assignment to help learners gain confidence with scoping and developing on
  • Provide ongoing support via the RAD Women chatter group and email to help with any obstacles to coaching.

We estimate that you would spend approximately 3-4 hours a week on this (including delivering the session).

Please contact Angela Mahoney (Coach Lead) if you are interested in becoming a coach.

Meet our RAD Coaches!

In our own programmatic journeys, we have found that mentors make a HUGE difference, and sometimes, you need to hear something in another voice or with other words before it clicks. These knowledgeable and dedicated women (and men!) donate their time and expertise to each set of sessions to help you on your developer journey - we are nothing without them!


Bonny Hinners

Bonny is a Salesforce MVP and consultant with over 12 years of professional experience building cloud-based applications. A Duke University graduate with majors in Computer Science and English, Bonny has written and spoken about technology since the 80s! Bonny is interested in encouraging women in tech fields and finds promoting education a great way to do so, and has been an enthusiastic RAD coach since the program first launched (and also contributes courses to PluralSight).


Abhilasha Singh

Abhilasha is a Salesforce MVP with 4 years of Salesforce Developer experience. She is a Virtual Women In Tech Group Leader in India who loves to teach (Abhilasha has done a Masters in Computer Science and Engineering and wanted to be a teacher in the start.) Her passions include blogging about Salesforce new learnings and tips and tricks so that she can give back to community, and she loves doing trailhead, which she calls her "favorite place for more than a year now".


Jenny Bennett

Jenny is a Developer at and has been working on the platform for over 5 years. She states that she is where she is today in large part because of the Salesforce Community. Jenny wants to help other Admins who are just like she used to be — unsure about where to go on this journey, and in doubt about their own skills. Salesforce is a community that helps people grow their careers every day, and Jenny wants to be part of that giving back by sharing what she's learned."


Swati Marda

Swati is a 7x certified Salesforce Architect at Slalom. She is passionate about everything related to code and architecture challenges and is looking forward mentoring and teaching others. While not in one of her salesforce orgs, she is huge foodie and loves yoga and dance.


Lourdes Montero

Lourdes Montero was born and raised in Havana, Cuba (which allowed her to acquire some salsa dancing skills). She moved to Miami, Florida at 15, and double majored in Software Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Miami. There, Lourdes had her first encounter with the Salesforce ecosystem as a student, where she worked as a developer in the IT department and got to write her first lines of Apex code. In her last semester, she got an internship as a Salesforce Developer with Ultimate Software, where she accepted a full time position upon graduating, to work with an amazing team of developers from who taught her a lot. She now works as an Engineer with Salesforce where she helps the Trailhead team publish awesome content.



Kevin O'Brien

Kevin O'Brien is an 8x certified Salesforce consultant who currently works as a Senior Delivery Principal at Slalom. While spending over 25 years in technology, Kevin recently shifted his focus on Salesforce about 6 years ago. A lifelong love affair with learning and teaching brought him to RAD to help get folks excited with all the possibilities in Salesforce! When not geeking out with his wife (also a Salesforce Admin) and friends, Kevin enjoys telling the lamest dad jokes possible to his 2 girls.


Courtenay Maynes

After an intro to information systems class changed her world in 2011, Courtenay launched into a technical program and career and hasn't looked back. As a Salesforce Application Architect, she works with business- and tech-minded people alike to solve problems, improve processes, and increase quality of work life. She is passionate about empowering women in business, especially through technology education. Outside of work, she loves rock climbing with her husband Ryan, going to Muse concerts, reading, and spending time with family.


David Liu

David is an accidental admin who taught himself how to code and somehow got a job as a Technical Architect at Google. His failures include being rejected by Google 10 times, failing 15 certifications, and stepping down from a management role at Google after only three months. He writes his thoughts on the Salesforce industry at



Randi Wilson

Randi started her Salesforce journey as a customer success agent for after completing a coding bootcamp in Portland, OR. She has now been coding on the platform since 2015, and is working as a remote developer for the product development team. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, traveling in the US and abroad, and exploring her current home base in Atlanta, Georgia.


Zuzana Roskova



Zuzana is 7x certified Salesforce Consultant & Developer, and has been part of the Salesforce ecosystem for over 4 years. As a prior Django Girls mentor, she is excited to be a RAD coach! Originally form Slovakia, now she lives her dream in beautiful British Columbia. In her spare time, she loves playing board games, solving puzzles and hiking.


Nagarajan Palaniswamy

Though 6x certified Nagarajan has been working in IT for the past 21 years, he's currently working as a Delivery Manager and a Salesforce Application Architect in Consleague Consulting Ltd, Coimbatore. He co-leads the Salesforce Developer Community in Coimbatore, and mentors and trains Salesforce Developer and Administrator aspirants within and outside his organization. Nags is passionate about learning and believes teaching and mentoring are two of the best ways to learn and develop oneself.


Susannah St-Germain

Susannah St-Germain

Susannah is a 19x certified accidental admin turned Salesforce architect. Since graduating from the RAD Women program three years ago, she's been improving her Apex skills, and learning to develop Lightning Components. In her spare time, Susannah spends time with her dog Parker, rewatches episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars, and learns new coding languages. Susannah's favorite part of being a Salesforce developer and architect is that she learns something new everyday.


Greg Abraham

Greg is a Sr. Program Architect at Salesforce, supporting some of the largest customers of Salesforce in their transformation journey. He started his career as a web developer and stumbled into Salesforce development when tasked with getting web leads into sales reps' hands quickly. He was one of the first 500 certified developers on the Salesforce platform and has been part of the Salesforce ecosystem ever since. Greg loves figuring out solutions to complex problems and often plays the role of "Rosetta Stone" between tech teams and business teams. In his free time he enjoys hiking & exploring in the beautiful PNW and dabbling in cookery (ask him about his cookbook collection.)


Tami Lau

Tami is a Salesforce developer at the Sierra Club, where she combines her interest in technology with a passion for mission-driven work. She participates in Women in Tech, Women Who Dev User Group, and Ampify (formerly Girlforce). She is a graduate of the RAD program and is very excited to be returning as a coach! When she's not geeking out on Salesforce, you can find Tami doing yoga, cooking, reading a book, or hanging out with her cats.


Rajeshwari Shanmukhappa

Raji is a Salesforce Developer who has been working on the Salesforce Platform for the past 10 years. She feels it has been easy for her to learn and keep up with knowledge because of such open community, and she has never felt lost when stuck with a problem due to a technical issue/Platform limitation, since she could always google and find answers from someone who's already gone through this problem. Raji is proud to be part of this community, and has chosen to give back through RAD to help make it easier for someone else who's just starting out and feels lost.


Avinash Vatsya


New Zealand

Avinash works as lead developer at Davanti Consulting, having certifications and 6 years of end to end Salesforce project development and implementation experience. He's been studying programming since 2006 and has completed B.Tech in IT. He transforms the business requirement into technology and helps organizations to get the fullest out of the Salesforce. A developer who is with an aspiration and on track to become a CTA. His dream is "A world without hunger". He has mentored 100+ people in their Salesforce journey. Apart from Salesforce, he loves to do art and craft.


Sarah Husband

Sarah is a Salesforce Admin/Developer for the Pew Charitable Trusts. She got her start in Salesforce after graduating from George Mason University with a Masters in Information Systems. After two and half years as an admin, she took the RAD Intro to Coding class in Spring 2017. Since then, she's worked on a variety of Apex projects, and earned her Platform Developer I certification in Spring 2019!



Christine Jean

Christine is a developer who joined the Salesforce community in 2018 after graduating from University of Maryland. In her free time, she enjoys biking, writing postcards, and doing various crafting projects. She enjoys interesting problems, so don't be afraid to share your ideas and mull over it together.


Michelle Grant

While Michelle was a biology nerd in college and never imagined having a "computer job", she ended up as an accidental admin in 2009 and has been on a learning journey ever since. She is 6x certified, has spoken at Forcelandia the past 2 years (so fun!). Prior to working at Salesforce, Michelle logged time in both non-profit and corporate settings, venturing into the world of Apex code several years ago. She loves helping others take that first step and is happy to give back as a RAD coach!


Adri Szopian


United Kingdom

Adri is a self taught Salesforce enthusiast who enjoys working as a Developer.

As her career progressed from stay-at-home mum to experienced professional, she made a promise to always give back time to this amazing community and help pave the way for future ambitious enthusiasts.



Ramyapriyaa Mohan

Ramya is a certified Salesforce Administrator and Platform Developer who found her passion for Salesforce when she first attended a Salesforce Saturday meetup at Austin, Texas. She is an Oracle Certified JAVA professional (OCJP6) and her foundation in object-oriented programming helped her to get started with Salesforce Development. Ramya loves being part of the Ohana and wants to give back to the community in her own way by being part of RADWomen; she strongly believes that sharing knowledge with others is the greatest way to learn more.


Niki Vankerk

Niki has been working with Salesforce since the early days, before AppExchange, before triggers were even a possibility! A self-taught Apex aficionado, she has been learning ever since it was released! Niki loves coaching women to code, watching the pennies drop and being part of this empowering process. Every time I hear one of the learners report back on deploying a trigger or having a ?real? talk with their developer where they understood what was going on I do a big fist pump! Living in a small town surrounded by mountains and farms, she loves being connected to the amazing online Salesforce community.


Amelia Clarke


New Zealand

Amelia is a 10x certified Salesforce developer, having graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. She currently works as a Lead Engineer at Trineo in Auckland, New Zealand.  In her spare time, Amelia likes to get outdoors and partake in all the adventure that New Zealand has to offer, from Horse Riding to Snowboarding to Fishing to Bungy Jumping!


Alba Azcona



Alba is an 8x certified, enthusiastic Salesforce Developer who currently works as a Lead Developer Evangelist at Salesforce. A former Salesforce MVP, she has also been the leader of the Granada Developer Group (Spain) for several years, and is one of the founders of dreamOlé, the biggest community event in Spain. She loves being part of the Salesforce community and is always ready to learn and to help. You can check out her github repo, connect with her on linkedIn, or subscribe to her blog!


Starley Flynn


Starley is passionate about building sustainable solutions and mentoring others. She currently works as a Senior Salesforce Engineer at Western Governors University. She loves the Salesforce community and is always excited to help others hone their skills. When not coding, she enjoys the outdoors, theatre, and hanging out with her family.


Daniel Peter

Daniel Peter is a 24x certified Salesforce MVP who runs the Bay Area Salesforce Developer Group.  He loves tough development and architecture challenges and is looking forward mentoring and teaching others.


Nadim Ramzi



Nadim has been a force of nature in Latin America (she hails from Bolivia), where she has been active in WTM, Girls in Tech and now, RAD Women. This last one is a combination of two things that she loves (Salesforce and Women empowerment), I'm really happy to be a part of this, and I would love to replicate the program here in Latin America.


Amit Singh

Amit is an 11x Certified Salesforce Application Architect & Founder of the SFDCPanther YouTube channel & Blog. Amit is also Salesforce Analytics Champion and former Salesforce Lightning Champion. Amit is a mentoring student of a College based in India. Amit loves to contribute towards salesforce community in all possible ways, He is also leading a Salesforce User Group in India.


Edith Lascarez

Edith is a passionate full-stack developer with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. She has more than 10 years of experience coding with oriented languages like JAVA & C#, and more than 6 years implementing SF solutions. Edith likes to share her knowledge about coding with everyone interested in it. When not working Edith is reading, solving puzzles and enjoying beautiful British Columbia.

Shannon Tran

Shannon Tran


Shannon Tran is a 7x certified Sr. Program Architect at Salesforce. Shannon started building solutions as an administrator 6 years ago and quickly learned development on the platform was just as fun. She loves helping customer teams embrace custom code, if and when it provides the best solution for the requirement. In her free time, Shannon likes to take her dog to the dog park, enjoy morning coffees with her husband, "deactivate" the cat (ask her about what this entails), and tinker with Einstein bots for everyday use.


Simon Goodyear

Simon has been working with Salesforce for the past 6 years, but has been writing and selling software for over 20! Co-organiser of the South West Developer User Group, Simon rarely turns down an opportunity to stand up and present. He's a Salesforce Certified Instructor and has been a Salesforce MVP for the past 4 years. Simon has forgotten what spare time is and is excited to be a RAD coach!


Krithika Dharmarajan

Krithika Dharmarajan, a Salesforce Consultant at Slalom, is extremely passionate about the technology and is a nerd at heart. With over 5 years of experience in Software Development, she loves everything that involves logic. Krithika has a mission to spread knowledge and help anyone willing to learn, and is excited to contribute and make a difference. In her free time, she loves volunteering at a shelter that helps homeless women and the Washington Braille library. She believes life is empty without chocolates and dogs. 


Jeff Isom

Jeff started his Salesforce coding experience by shadowing an implementation partner for a big bang Sales Cloud implementation. When that was over, he learned Apex by trial and error, reading docs and leaning heavily on his past coding experience. Even with the advent of Trailhead for self-paced training, he still prefers to learn alongside of someone else or in a hands-on classroom setting. Inspired by his co-worker (rRAD-coach Liz Mangano) he’s excited to be a RAD Women coach. When Jeff’s not heads down in Salesforce, he likes playing disc golf, backpacking and playing board games with his kids and co-workers.


Prateek Sengar

Based out of Colorado, Prateek is a Program Architect at Salesforce with over 12 years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. When not solving complex problems for customers, he loves photography and painting.


Marciana Davis

Marciana is an 8x Certified Application Architect working as an independent consultant with experience in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and NPSP. She is a lover of learning and logic. Marciana was determined to build her developer skills, so she learned to code with Trailhead and RAD Women Code, and worked on key projects throughout her career. Currently, Marciana is doing what she loves the most - sharing her knowledge!



Katharine Anderson

Katharine is a 4x certified Salesforce Manager (read: admin, developer, supervisor, project manager, etc.) for the California chapter of The Nature Conservancy, where she loves collaborating on developing new solutions for interesting conservation and organizational problems. She participates in Amplify, her local Salesforce community groups, Women in Tech, and the Women Who Dev User Group. She is a graduate of the RAD Intro to Code program (both Part 1 and Part 2) and is very excited to have returned as a coach! When she's not working, you can find Katharine baking, hiking with her fiancé, playing with her dog, or gardening.


Adam Olshansky

Adam is a Adam is a 14X Certified Salesforce Developer and Salesforce MVP who has benefitted tremendously from the community and is now looking to pay it back any way that he can! He loves teaching people the joys and benefits of learning to code and is always looking to take the next step in his career and help others do the same. Fun fact: when he graduated high school, he wanted to be a lawyer.


Laura Meerkatz

Laura is a lifelong learner who hasn't entirely decided what she wants to be when she grows up, but knows it involves technology and making the world a better place. After careers in journalism and nonprofit consulting, she landed her #dreamjob as a developer at Laura has been a speaker at Dreamforce and Forcelandia, and will happily talk your ear off about testing as both art and science.


Tuğçe Şirin

Tugce is a Salesforce developer with 5 years experience. She likes solving problems and helping people. A prior Django Girls mentor, she is excited to be a coach at RAD now, and in her spare time, she is trying to learn another language: Spanish!


Andrea Morales



Andrea is a Salesforce Developer who spent most of her work time on web development first PHP and then She was really curious about the RAD sessions and loved the opportunity to give back to the community and became a coach, which has enabled her to learn from other perspectives and gave her the chance to help other women increase their skill set with these RAD skills!

Liz Mangano

Liz is a Software Engineer at The Standard and has been working on the Salesforce platform exclusively for the past 7 years. Having been thrown in to Salesforce development with no prior experience on the platform, Liz had much to learn at a quick pace. Not being a huge fan of that experience, she was excited to take this opportunity to teach women similar skills in a slower-paced and virtual environment. When Liz isn't teaching Apex or wrangling her two young boys, you'll find her catching live music, chanting with the Timbers Army and enjoying the beers and outdoors of the Pacific Northwest with her wife.

Steve Cook

Steve has been in the Salesforce world for 13 years and currently works as a Solution Architect/Developer at Slalom Consulting. He received a BA in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin. Steve has had many roles in his career but prefers the creative process and the constant learning that comes with being a developer. He loves giving back to the community and counts himself lucky to be able to support RAD Women. When not developing, he loves traveling and getting outside with his wife, son and daughter.


Bhanudas Tanaka

Bhanudas has been making computers do things since the age of 6 and has been following this same desire through the world of Salesforce since 2008. Grateful to have made a living in the field of software development, he hopes to mentor and guide the next generation of platform developers to fulfill their dreams, bring more equality to this craft, and ultimately make this world a better place for us all.


Swati Taunk

Swati is a passionate developer who has been working with Salesforce for over 6 years, and is also the Hyderabad WIT User Group Leader. Swati has a Masters in Computer Application and has always believed in sharing her knowledge with others - this began when she was a student herself, tutoring her juniors and high school students. Today she continues to share her Apex knowledge with the community through RAD sessions and aspires to travel the world.


Sue Maass

With a vast background in non-profits using Salesforce, Sue worked into an Admin position and progressed thru a couple Developer positions. Currently, she works as a Consultant doing Salesforce development and analytics and loves Lightning. She notes that discovering Salesforce groups in our community significantly increased her learning and excitement and participating as a RAD Learner in early 2016 helped fill a big gap for her. #AlwaysBeLearning is a key part of her life and why she likes to share her time to communicate with others and to help others learn.  She shares learning opportunities with the Community and is now a Salesforce MVP.


Charly Prinsloo

Texas-based Charly Prinsloo, a 16x salesforce certified and the co-leader of the Ladies Be Architects global user group, is a senior Salesforce Technical Architect at Deloitte Consulting LLp. Over her 13 year Salesforce career, Charly has worked closely with clients to deliver insights and innovative solutions to address their toughest Salesforce issues, architecting and implementing technology solutions. Charly's a passionate advocate for women in technology; and the need for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. Charly loves spending her free time with her husband and 2 kids (and 2 dogs), doing creative designs, sewing, and anything blockchain.



Bhavana Singh

Bhavana has worn many hats in her career, but identifies with developer/architect role the best. Her educational background is Electronics Engineering and Computer Science and she's had many fun jobs from NASA’s command and control center to trading floor of a hedge fund. A Salesforce community lover, Bhavana leads the Maryland WIT group and takes an active part in other nearby user groups. When she grows up, she wants to be a winemaker.


Nadina Lisbon

Nadina started her Salesforce career in 2014 as an intern at a startup focused on building a Real Estate application (managed package) on Salesforce. With a need to learn and solve the toughest problems, she quickly accelerated to be the Lead Salesforce developer at multiple companies. Today she works as a System Capability and Salesforce Architect for Tradeshift, holds numerous certifications with the goal of becoming a Certified Technical Architect. When she is not hard at work, she enjoys hanging out at user groups, devouring knowledge in trailhead, cooking, and spending time with her amazing family.


Danielle Morse


Danielle, a 4x certified Salesforce developer at WeWork, accidentally found her way to Salesforce while working on an organic farm in Connecticut. Having spent most of her Salesforce career as an admin in the non-profit sector, she is thrilled to be in a place where she can join RAD women and lend a hand to other women aspiring to learn about coding. When not in front of the computer, Danielle is happiest touring around on her bicycle.


Larry Latimer

Larry's been developing on the Salesforce platform since before VisualForce existed. A Certified Salesforce Developer, he's been involved for years in the community as both a Developer Group co-founder, and also co-founder of Forcelandia, a developer-focused community event. Larry currently works as a member of Business Technology Team at Salesforce. He's a snowboarder, wine drinker and code maker in his spare time.


Cynthia Saalfeld

Cynthia is an enthusiastic Salesforce professional who runs the San Francisco Developer Salesforce User Group and is an active “Women in Tech” advocate.  By title she’s an Admin who develops on the Salesforce platform. Cynthia is Brazilian, likes to dance, is a dark chocolate connoisseur, enjoys the outdoors and loves meeting new people and is one of our beloved RAD learners who has returned to our program as a mentor!


Pat McClellan

Pat McClellan is an 8x certified Application Architect, consultant, and creator of Proton Text, an SMS Lightning Component available on the AppExchange. Pat is a career-changer and "Ohana-taught" developer, learning to code on Trailhead and working through Superbadges. Pat is a Salesforce MVP, Platform Champion Alum, Trailblazing Partner, Mentor, co-founder of Superbadge Sunday, and 2x Dreamforce and TrailheaDX speaker.


Radhika Bansal

Salesforce Technocrat Radhika works as a Senior Salesforce Development Analyst for Accenture. Proud to be a Trailhead Ranger, she is 4x certified, with Salesforce Lightning and Einstein Analytics as her forte. Exploring things and brainstorming new ideas keeps her going, and she's passionate about Salesforce, leading the Pune WIT group and having presented at various Salesforce events like world tours in Amsterdam and Paris, and Salesforce Community Events Jaipur Dev Fest and India Dreamin.


Angelica Buffa

Angelica has spent most of her career working with Salesforce technologies and loves the platform. One of the things she enjoys most is spearheading learning in the community. She decided to became a RAD Couch because it was the chance to help other women achieve their goals and learn from them. In her spare time, you will find her reading books, cooking, or walking with her dog. Being part of the Ohana has given her countless opportunities and she's ready to give back to the community she loves.


Sameera Arcot

Sameera has been in the Salesforce world for almost 8 years and currently works as a Senior Salesforce Developer at Amazon Web Services. She completed her Masters in Business and Science, with IT as major, from Rutgers University, New Jersey. Sameera thinks, talks, and dreams in Salesforce and is very passionate about programming and designing solutions to make people's life easier. She is also a strong believer of empowering women with technology and bridge the gap in our tech world today. Her dream is to see a world with more women tech leaders. Outside of work, she is a professional Indian Classical dancer, singer and loves to end the day with a good chat with her husband.


Heather Dykstra

Heather has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from CU Boulder. She has 3 years of experience on the Salesforce Platform and a lifetime of experience in technology, having built her first computer at just 10 years old!  She currently works at Salesforce as a Developer Evangelist, a job that allows her to be an advocate, a teacher and an explorer at the front of Salesforce Technology.


Mike Bodily

Mike is a 2x certified Salesforce developer at Slalom. He learned Apex as an Administrator to solve problems that couldn't be solved declaratively, and went on to obtain PD1 certification. He has been passionate about Salesforce development ever since! As a developer at Slalom, Mike has worked on a variety of Salesforce projects and implementations. When he is not coding, he enjoys snowboarding, hiking, and video games, and is super exited to coach with RAD!


Alon Waisman

Heather has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from CU Boulder. She has 3 years of experience on the Salesforce Platform and a lifetime of experience in technology, having built her first computer at just 10 years old!  She currently works at Salesforce as a Developer Evangelist, a job that allows her to be an advocate, a teacher and an explorer at the front of Salesforce Technology.


Mini Pillai

After her MS in Computer Science, Mini started her Salesforce journey in 2015 while working as an automation engineer at Viasat Inc. She was curious in learning how things work and started using Trailhead, Udemy tutorials, and her own projects, and showed interest in being a Salesforce Developer. Mini eventually passed the Platform Developer I and II certifications, started gaining more and more knowledge through the different projects she worked on and is now an Engineering Lead in the same company. She believes in sharing knowledge and mentoring and hopes to give back to the community by being a part of RADWomen. Apart from work, Mina is involved in Diversity & Inclusion and is Founder/Chair of the South Asian Alliance at Viasat. She loves martial arts and is a Black Belt in Karate.


Jess Lopez



Jess is the NGO Technical Architect for the Customer Centric Engineering team. She’s been working on the platform since 2008 and gained most of her admin and developer experience while wearing many different hats at a nonprofit organization. She was a Visual Art major in college and is excited to teach and learn from admins of all backgrounds.


Arati Kulkarni

Introduced to the Salesforce Ecosystem by fluke, Arati was looking to make a career come back after a 5 year break. She got introduced to Salesforce and is really happy she did - she fell in love with the community and how everybody looks forward to helping each other grow! Apart from being a Salesforce Administrator/Developer and also Einstein Analytics Admin/Developer, she loves being a henna tattoo artist and an extreme fan of DIY projects. Arati loves to teach and spread the knowledge that she havs gotten from the Ecosystem. 


Beth Breisnes



A New Hampshire native, Beth now calls Vancouver her home. Beth began her Salesforce career at the David Suzuki Foundation (Canada's largest environmental organization) before doing consulting work with NFPs. She is now a developer on the Nonprofit Success Pack. In her spare time, Beth can be found riding the seawall with her family in their electric cargo trike, singing, and playing board games (though not simultaneously). She's excited be a RAD coach and help empower other women to build new skills and passions!


Nicole McGuire

Nicole is a Salesforce Technical Architect Manager with Bluewolf, an IBM Company.  Nicole graduated with a degree in Computer Science and began working as a Database Analyst.  She started working with Salesforce 7 years ago and has never looked back. Nicole currently has 5 Salesforce certifications, with the goal of getting the Technical Architect certification. Nicole runs the Cleveland Salesforce Developer group, along with being the Director for the Cleveland Women Who Code group.  She loves to mentor and encourage women to become strong Salesforce Admins, Developers and Architects.   


Kevin Poorman

Kevin has been working with the Salesforce1 platform since 2008, and in 2015 he joined, disappearing into the Marketing Cloud underground, before becoming a Technical Architect with the ISV team. Kevin is currently a Senior Developer Evangelist for A three-time, MVP, Kevin has always been active in the community. Catch his blog at, follow him on Twitter @codefriar or heckle him on the Salesforce developer forums. Or, if you choose, you can correct his syntax on Salesforce stack overflow. Additionally, you can pester him in the #salesforce IRC channel.



Bhavna Banodha

Bhavna, with 7+ years of experience, is a huge Trailhead fan (450+ badges) and is 5X certified Consultant. Founder of #DecodeSFCertifications (online certification preparation program), she also leads the #AmsterdamWIT group. She enjoys puzzles, video games, cartoons and answering questions in the Success Community. Bhavna loves RAD Women because she believes every time she teaches something, she also learns something new!


Radmila Askraba

Radmila has been designing and building solutions on the platform since 2007. While being a Salesforce Developer group leader in Vancouver, she has learned the importance of enabling a safe environment for learning, and she feels grateful to belong to a developer community where giving back, sharing knowledge, and supporting others is ingrained in one's work. Radmila is a developer at Salesforce on the Nonprofit Success Pack.

Ritika Bhargava

Ritika Bhargava is a Salesforce Freelance Consultant with 7 years of experience. As a technology enthusiast, she finds herself drawn to various technologies and frameworks and has knowledge in architecting solutions including web solutions, integrations, communities etc. She leads Bengaluru, IN Women In Tech group and speaks frequently in community events. She loves to hibernate in weekends (literally eat, sleep, repeat) and occasionally read books, swim and to cook.