Intro to Coding (part 1)

When is the next session?

Our next set of sessions commence the week of October 8th; please follow us on Twitter or join our public RAD Community Group to stay apprised of upcoming sessions!

What does this cost?

It's free! Yes, it really is free. You just need to agree to some basic commitments (see below).

Where is this training held?

At a computer near you! Each session we hold multiple small (8-10 learners per group) sessions via web conference.

What will you learn?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to:

  • Describe the structure of Apex triggers.
  • Read existing code of low-medium complexity.
  • Write SOQL and DML statements.
  • Summarize why it’s important to bulkify Apex code and how to do it.
  • Use resources to aid in development (e.g., documentation, blogs, tools, etc).

Who should take this course?

Are you woman who has at least two year's experience as a Salesforce admin? Do you want to add coding to your toolkit? Then this is the course for you.

What's all this about learner commitments?

While RAD Women courses don't cost money, they do require a significant commitment from learners.

Being a part of this group requires a commitment on your part. Here is what you are agreeing to by joining this study group:

  • Commit to 5-7 hours per week to the group (one weekly small group meeting and time for independent study, reading, and coding).
  • Complete weekly surveys to help us improve the group process.
  • Attend and actively participate in every small group meeting.  
  • Collaborate with each other and help and support different learning styles.
  • Be prepared to lead discussion within the small group.

Who teaches this course?

As part of the program you'll be assigned to small groups, each with two designated developer coaches from our fantastic worldwide Salesforce Developer community. These amazing volunteers will provide the following:

  • Coordination and set up of all meetings for the group
  • Instruction and coaching
  • Homework assignments to help integrate learning, including a real-world assignment to gain confidence with scoping and developing on
  • Ongoing support via Chatter and email to help with any obstacles to learning

What should you do to prepare?

Before the start of the course, we ask you to completed the following Trailhead modules.

Intro to Coding (part 2)

We are excited to announce that we are piloting Part II this fall! It's been a long time in coming, and will build on the concepts started in part one of Intro to Coding and is intended to give more practice to our learners.

This pilot is open to RAD Grads (those who successfully completed their Part I projects).

Stay tuned for the official kick off in 2019!